What This Is…

I started this site because I wanted an archive for my printed best bits. After I left Blowback Magazine I created a portfolio of copy written for mostly whatsonuk and Blowback.

I spent a year freelancing and continued to collect all of my work together here. I also started the Silver Skins podcast intended to be an audio version of Blowback.

After this I became East Midlands Life editor for Metro Newspapers. I still collected my extra-curricular freelance work here. When I left Metro I asked if I could keep a portfolio of work on this site. This will be added in the next few weeks.

After Metro I started on an MA in Online Journalism. My adventures and experiments in Online Journalism were blogged about on the all singing and all dancing Track 23.

I intended to export this site to my self hosted pages but I’ve bought a fair bit of space on here for Silver Skins. Besides because I now also advise on Social Media I quite like the idea of seeing what this free blog is capable of.

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